5 Strategies for Weight Loss

5 Strategies That Must Be Adopted To See Long Term Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

  1. Rejuvenate your fridge and cupboards
    If you want to get real about losing weight and keeping it off, begin by removing any temptations that may be lurking in the kitchen.  As often as you tell yourself that the treats in the cupboards are for the kids or guests you know time and time again you cannot stop yourself from eating them yourself.  GET RID, Spring-cleaning should also apply to what you stock for foods – go through your cupboards, pantry and fridge and get rid of any junk you see. Say goodbye to Sweets, Fizzy Drinks, Biscuits, Cake, Chips, and other highly processed baked and pre baked goods. GO SHOPPING and STOCK your cupboards, pantry and fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables (especially of the brightly-coloured variety), low-fat or non-fat dairy or soy products, lean cuts of meat and lots of fish (fresh or frozen).
  2. Don’t super size; “normal”-size!
    In this era of super size anything, it is always tempting to get more bang for your buck. But stretching the pound should not come at the expense of your waistline. NEXT TIME YOU SHOP NOTE HOW MANY OF THE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OR SPECIAL OFFER FOODS ARE JUNK (Just what you have chucked out). If you are used to stuffing yourself full just because you want to get your money’s worth, it’s time to learn some simple portion control. Chronic diseases develop from poor eating choices and portion sizes. To get a practical idea of what your portion size should be, take a look at the healthier choice pre prepared foods.  Note how many calories and fat are contained in the pack and take a BIG LOOK AT ITS SIZE.
  3. Make water your main thirst quencher
    Water is still the best beverage you can use to keep yourself hydrated, especially if you are watching your caloric intake. If you’re a habitual juice drinker, depending on the size of your glass, you can easily consume 100 to 200 kcal in a few gulps of juice. Get into the habit of eating your fruit instead of drinking it. If you are a habitual fizzy pop drinker, getting rid of the pop altogether will easily save you a few hundred calories in a day.  Tea and coffee can count towards your liquid intake but be aware that if you have to add sugar or the temptation of a hot drink brings on a “biscuit dunking attack” then don’t put yourself through this turmoil.  Don’t drink it in the first place.  In any case if you are serious about weight loss then your spring-cleaning should have ridden any tea/coffee dunking choices!
  1. Follow your natural hunger and fullness cues
    This point could be an entire book unto itself. If you are indiscriminately eating throughout the day with no regards to why you eat or what you eat, you jeopardize any weight loss goal you may have before you even start. Try writing down a week’s worth of your eating habits, PAYING PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO WHY YOU EAT? Learn to distinguish true hunger (i.e. your body needing nourishment) from eating due to EMOTIONS/BOREDOM/STRESS.   Along the same line, pay particular attention to how you feel as you are eating (Makes me feel happier, takes my mind of problems, something else to do).  However drinking plenty of water before and during eating and taking your time to eat (DON’T EAT INFRONT OF THE TV) will allow your body to appreciate the feeling of fullness a lot sooner and therefore you will be surprised to see just how much extra you were overeating unnecessarily.  Therefore STOP when you have had enough, NOT WHEN THE PLATE IS EMPTY.  Making sure food isn’t wasted either will be learnt as you appreciate what portion sizes you should be consuming therefore you will not be cooking as much therefore no waste.  Simple!
  2. Get moving
    This will come as no surprise: If you want to lose weight and keep it off, a permanent exercise program is a must. NOT JUST DURING JANUARY!  Start a program that is realistic to your current level of fitness and time commitments, and stick to it. How much time do you need to commit? As a general guideline to maintain health and start to shed the pounds you need to get 30 minutes of exercise every day (THAT’S 30MINS A DAY THAT GETS YOU OUT OF BREATH and SWEATY) on pretty much most days of the week. Walk after lunch or dinner (DON’T SLUMP IN FRONT OF THE TV), or crank up your stereo at home and dance to your favourite tunes. Maybe try out that Pilates or yoga class you keep meaning to go to. If you drive everywhere, park a little further away and make the walk to your destination part of your exercise plan.  Take the stairs not the lift.

We fitness and health experts appreciate that you having read the 5 points will probably say “but I know all that.”  However, from our perspective you may well say you know it (blimey its being beaten into you all enough) but the population is getting fatter infact were becoming obese.  So what you think you know please start putting it into practice.  For the sake of your health!  Know one else is responsible for your health and what your future holds other than yourself and what your doing to it now.


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