Nutritional and eating tips

We hope the following nutritional and eating tips help you to kick start a new healthy way of life, starting today!

Fresh is best. Processed foods cause most of our health problems and eating too many highly processed carbohydrates that have a high glycaemic load combined with saturated and trans fats, results in a very bad combination for our health. Additionally, low-fat diets usually make people fatter as fats are replaced by sugar. Processed fizzy drinks and in particular low-fat diet drinks, have shown in recent studies, that they make people more hungry so they eat more!

It’s fine to eat lots of high glycaemic (GL) foods if you are using up all the glucose and energy these carbohydrates provide, but if you have a high glycaemic intake and are not burning these carbs off you’ll gain weight. At PEAK PHYSIQUE RETREAT we combine nutrition and exercise to get you back on track. Lack of dietary information is a problem with most diets today. At PEAK PHYSIQUE RETREAT our nutritionists and staff concentrate on changing the way you think about food . Forget FAD DIETS!

Takeaway is trouble – Kebabs, burgers and pizzas may be an easy option when we’re short on time, but the decline in popularity of the home cooked meal is a disaster for our waistlines.

So many of us use food to change our mood, to change the way we feel and to help ourselves to feel better. Therefore the focus at PEAK PHYSIQUE RETREAT is to help people manage moods and stress levels without using food. The body needs balance and when trying to lose weight, believing in your goals and having a positive attitude can be as important as improving your eating habits and being active. If you have a plan to keep yourself motivated while you’re losing weight, you stand a better chance of succeeding.

PEAK PHYSIQUE RETREAT can help change your eating habits, increase your physical activity and encourage you to think yourself into the right frame of mind to optimise your prospects. A week at PEAK PHYSIQUE RETREAT gives you a kick start, gets you back on track so we ensure that the weight not only stays off but you reach your goal weight and keep it off.




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