7 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

7 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

1.  Cut your salt intake to less than 6g per day by not adding it to food and choosing products with low salt levels.
2.  Eat more fruit and veg to keep your arteries clear – include at least five 80g portions a day.
3.  Cut back on alcohol.  Dont regularly exceed two to three units per day for women or three to four units for men.
4.  Switch to decaff.  Research shows that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can increase blood pressure.
5.  Maintain a healthy weight.  Being overweight or obese forces your heart to work harder.
6.  Exercise to keep your heart and arteries in good shape and control your weight.
7.  Make time to relax as stress can increase blood pressure.  Calming activities such as yoga, meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy can all help.

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