Lets Get to the Naked Truth!

Strip Naked; right now in front of your mirror, but just do it! What do you see?  Are you Happy?  Frustrated?  Depressed?  Not bothered?

Tragically for most of you, I bet you are unhappy.  You wish it were reflecting something very different, yet the sad truth is you’re probably not bothered.  If you were bothered then how could you have let yourself get into that state in the first place?  However we’re not here to criticise but to help you and start making you think differently.

Have you ever wondered what your current lifestyle might be storing up for you in your future years?  Ask yourself this though; how many times have you moaned about the state of the NHS?  Thought that the government wasn’t doing enough for the population’s health and fitness? How often have you said, ‘someday I’ll sort it out?’

A lot of questions and we all expect answers.  Yet we already know the answers to most and if you don’t then we’re going to answer them in plain good old English for you and just maybe, the message will sink in and you will do something about it.  For your future’s sake!

1 in 3 of the UK population is overweight.  Can you see why our NHS is crumbling?  Overweight, fat people cost the NHS billions every year.  The chronic health problems associated with obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure are costing the government (tax payers) a fortune.  The government are doing more than enough to assist us.  It’s your problem.  These things don’t just happen to other people! As far as I know walking and doing some “At Home” exercises doesn’t involve a Gym Membership.

Have you been drawn in by the ‘low fat’ weight-loss scam? With many of the population being concerned about weight and fat storage, food companies aim to expose this by marketing foods that are touted as ‘low fat’ and thus healthy. This low fat invariably means the fat has been removed and the product is higher in sugar instead. Let me explain the role of sugar/glucose or carbohydrate in brief, glucose is the main source of fuel for your body it is needed for optimum brain function and movement. It is also used as the primary source of fuel in intense exercise where you would be sweating and out of breath, it is not the primary source of fuel when sitting at a desk, walking or driving, fat is!! When we consume high levels of carbohydrate and don’t burn it off it actually undergoes a conversion in the liver and gets stored as body fat usually starting around the middle. Weight storage around the middle is an accurate predictor of the likelihood of getting diabetes, heart or circulatory problems and certain cancers. Have a look around today and see who is actually storing their weight around the middle as ‘pooch belly’?

So in short, excess sugar is not what we need to look healthy from the inside out, the sugars that we need should come primarily from vegetables, some fruit and whole grains. They should also be consumed with adequate fat and protein to balance the so-called ‘macro nutrients’ within the meal as protein and fat slow down the absorption of sugar and let it be used more slowly by the body, leading to more stable blood sugar – which we will discuss in later columns. For now, start by reading the labels on your food and begin to take control of your health

To get you moving were going to do a “spring clean.”  The 1st one being – get hold of your ‘ab cruncher’ you bought from the supermarket and smash it up with a hammer. Go on, smash it up and chuck it in the bin. Now, get MOVING! Get on your feet and walk or jog around the block. Don’t spend £600 plus on a treadmill that has you staring at a dark garage wall, just open the door and put one foot in front of the other. Last time I checked, this cost me a grand total of nothing!

Ten minutes later you can return home, nicely warmed up to begin bigger movements. All with good posture: standing tall, shoulders drawn back, back lengthened/straight, chin up, chest out –

  • SQUAT. Up and down; squatting deep and returning to stand. Hold tins of beans or paint or bottles of water to make it more challenging.
  • LIFT. Again with good posture – pick an item up from the floor that you find ‘heavy’, keep your back straight, bend in your knees or hips.
  • PRESS UP. A good traditional favourite. If holding a full length position is too much, perform it with your knees touching the floor.  Don’t tip your head back as you lower your chest to the floor
  • PULL. If you don’t have a heavy object in the garden (pull the mower over your grass) then pull all the furniture out: fridges, tv’s, sofas. PULL them all out (get someone else to clean behind them!) then PUSH them back into place again.

Perform each of the above exercises until you feel tired. At the end of your workout, which should last 30-45mins, you should be sweaty, slightly out of breath.

This might read as very simple, almost daft; but let me just remind you – 1 in 3 adults are overweight!

  • STRETCH. All the areas you feel you have worked. Hold your stretches for around 30secs each.

Your health depends on it.

For anything we have talked about today or your comments we would love to hear from you.  Please add your comments below.

By Hayley White

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