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Welcome to the second addition of Health, Performance and Fitness Lifestyle articles.

Have YOU made the decision to be healthy?  If so then its time to take action! Following on from last week (get to the naked truth) we can see how sugar is necessary for our body to function properly….BUT over consumption of refined sugar in such things as processed foods, sugary drinks, confectionary does nothing but harm our bodies.

Did you know 1 in 3 people will become diabetic before the age of 60?

Refined sugar is also an anti-nutrient which means it steals nutrition from the body and makes it less healthy. It reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, slows down the workings of the liver, stores (as mentioned last week) extra calories as fat and ages cells, such as skin, more rapidly. It is also the number one food source for yeast infections and some cancers. Pretty serious stuff hey!

So, what can we do? Buy food in natural form, does it look like it did when it came out of the ground? Read labels, get to know your food, look for foods with lower levels of simple sugars per hundred grams, less than 5g per 100g is a good and achievable guideline. This will allow you to receive the good benefits of carbohydrates and less chance of weight gain and health problems.

Do you still have excuses for not exercising?  Well again, here are some simple exercises you can do at home!  The body has several simple movement patterns that it must perform to move with freedom, control and to tone the right muscles.

Start with 15-30 repetitions of each exercise depending on your level of fitness. Listen to your body, push it but do not push into bad technique or pain. Perform exercise as demonstrated in the photos.  (pictures to follow later tonight Vivean)

  1. Squat, keep knees bent behind end of toe.
  2. Press-up, standing press-ups against the wall if you are a beginner. Keep everything sucked in tight, keeping chin tucked into your neck.
  3. Lunges, again do not bend the knee over the end of toe.
  4. Side raises, arms out to the side of your body and lift to shoulder height, tins of food are a great starting weight.
  5. back extension, stomach pulled in.
  6. crunch

Perform this in a circuit style 2-4 times. Playing your favourite upbeat music is a great motivator.

You can also walk/run the dog, walk/run with a friend in some of the beautiful Derbyshire countryside you have at your fingertips, gardening, housework, swim….the general idea is to just GET MOVING! You owe to yourself and your family…have some fun! OK, so you may not live in Derbyshire but you can look on to find walks where you do live.

Next week … part 3

By Hayley White

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