This week we have selected one piece of equipment for you – a football! So go and retrieve it from the shed roof and have fun taking part in the following resistance and fitness programme.  For best results take your football on to a field or large garden and perform the following:

  • Run or jog for 5 minutes, once warmed up its time to increase the pace!
  • Squat – Take the football, hold in front of your chest and squat, as you squat move the football to over your head. Repeat until tired. 10 should be ample. Once rested, as this is challenging…
  • Press up – One hand on the ball, lower body and push back up. Alternate the ball under each hand with each press up until tired.
  • Kick – the ball out of your hands as high and vertically as possible. Alternate legs, 5 each. Be sure to aim well, were taking no responsibility for broken windows!
  • Bounce – not softly but hold the ball above your head and power the ball into the ground (the softer the ground the better, sand is ideal) 10 times.
  • Throw – lying on your back, pass the ball from hands to feet.  Keep your arms long; raise your shoulders off the floor, place ball between ankles. 10 times.

If you’re feeling strong you could walk or jog after all these exercises then repeat the circuit again. Be sure to stretch when finished – great workout. Write to us if you come up with any other exercises you can think of with the football.

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